China’s State Grid Corp launches plan for 'global energy Internet'

State Grid Corp, the largest electric power transmission and distribution company in China, has launched plans to build a global energy network. The idea is to build a so-called ‘global energy Internet’ through a massive electricity grid sharing renewables from all over the world.

China Daily reports that the ambitious plan is expected to attract investment of € 44 trillion by 2050. The plan was launched at a recent forum on energy investment and funding in Hong Kong. The plan involves creating an energy-related infrastructure covering different countries, including power generation facilities, transmission networks and energy transportation assets.

The State company is studying the feasibility of a pilot program on power transmission not only among Asian countries but also between Asia and Europe as well as Africa and Europe.

Liu Zhenya, president of State Grid Corp, is a keen endorser of the concept of ultra-high voltage transmission lines. To Liu, these lines enable the effective use of clean energy and reduce emission from fossil fuels. Through such connections, clean energy can be distributed, while smart grids, connecting billions of households to the Internet, are the key in the process.

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