China’s underground water is undrinkable

If your product is drinking water, China could be your growth market. About 80 per cent of China's underground water is of poor quality. A government report has revealed that it is unfit to drink. The Ministry of Water Resources points to pollution and overexploitation as the major threats to water resources.

In a survey of 2,103 water wells in the northeast, north, northwest, and central parts of China, the ministry found that no water sources were up to the standards. Researchers found that ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates are the major pollutants, while heavy metals and toxic organic compounds were also found in some areas, reports.

The report also revealed that China's underground water has been over-extracted. Previous statistics from the Ministry of Land and Resources show that nearly 70 percent of Chinese people drink water from underground sources. In the countryside, people often drink shallow underground water where pollution has a bigger impact.

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