Chinese invention: a smart window that cleans air pollution

Chinese inventors have developed a smart window that can ‘catch’ air pollution. Users can change the intensity of the light that enters a room through the window and at the same time filter out small particular matter in smog.  

The new product could become popular in smog cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. Details about the invention by the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), were published in the scientific journal iScience. The new smart window can cover large window areas and consists of a flexible transparent nylon structure, with Ag-nylon electrodes for PM2.5 capture (small particular matter). The nylon can offer and 86 percent transparency. 

The smart window’s Ag-nylon electrodes can remove 99.65 percent of the PM2.5 in the air while remaining stable even after 100 cycles of PM filtration and a cleaning process. 

Xinhua reports that the design could lay the foundation for next-generation flexible transparent smart windows that can reduce air pollution in China’s cities. 

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