Chinese millennials’ wish: international travel

Today’s Chinese consumer wants to travel internationally. Especially millennials find travelling abroad ‘essential’ in their lives, according to the latest Chinese International Travel Monitor 2016 report by Overall, approximately 120 million Chinese tourists took trips abroad last year.

A survey among 3,000 outbound travellers showed that 92 percent planned to either spend more or the same amount on taking trips in the next year, with one-third spending more, viewing travel as “an essential part of life.” The survey also shows that millennials are devoting the most of their budget to trip-taking. Jing Daily reports that this group already sets aside more than a quarter of their income for it. According to the researchers, Chinese travelers’ expectations and behaviours are changing. Those headed abroad are now better English speakers and are “increasingly looking for value for money,” according to the report.

Hotels interviewed by say that they try to accommodate their Chinese guests by offering Mandarin services and Chinese cuisine, and by providing amenities like a kettle in the rooms. identified five types of Chinese travellers: detailed explorers (25%), cautious connectors (25%), experience seekers (17%), indulgers (12%), basic pleasure seekers (21%).

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