Chinese spend more money at night

Chinese spend more money at night

In China, people spend more money at night than before. Spending patterns of China’s white-collar workers show a great potential for night-time economic growth, a survey by China Youth Daily shows. Nighttime spending is increasingly powering the economy, researchers say.

About 40 percent of Chinese white-collar workers spend money mainly at night, as 80 percent of this category tends to stay at home after returning from work. With their mobile phones, they bring in everything they need to their doorstep, from food, to groceries and anything else that retailers deliver. The money that Chinese spend on online shopping, in-app purchases and livestreaming credits feed China’s economy.

Staying home and spending money online is on the up; only 5.2 percent of white-collar workers go outdoors for recreation in the evening, Shanghai Daily reports, that seems to blame this in part to inconvenient night transportation.

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