Chinese tourists prefer mobile payment

If you are in the tourist business in European or US cities that are popular among Chinese tourists, the outcome of a recent Nielsen survey is an eye-opener. The survey found that 90% of Chinese tourists would use mobile payment instead of cash, if given the option.

Nielsen and Alipay's Outbound Chinese Tourism and Consumption Trends: 2017 survey found that Chinese tourists are already way ahead of tourists from other countries, as 65 percent of Chinese tourists already use mobile payment platforms while abroad (compared to 11 percent of other tourists).

China’s most-used digital payment platforms are currently Alipay and WeChat Pay. The Drum Magazine reports, Chinese tourists spend an average of $762, compared to the $486 that other nationalities spend.

Li Wang, head of Alipay EMEA: "As this research shows, how they purchase is as significant as what they purchase for many Chinese tourists. When traveling, Chinese nationals expect the ease and simplicity of seamless, instant mobile payments, which they have access to at home.” Wang suggests that merchants that embrace mobile payments will have more appeal to Chinese customers.

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