Drone business China going sky-high

The drone business in China is developing rapidly. In 2019, the number of drones registered in China reached 339,000 and the country has shipped 1.2 million drones to countries all over the world, equaling 70 percent of global export of drones.

Drones are becoming more important in all aspects of daily life, from taking aerial pictures, splashing fertilizers and delivering goods.

People’s Daily reports that one of the most successful drone manufacturers in China is DJI; its success has boosted the industry. Operators all over the world put DJI drones to work in areas such as forest patrol, maintenance of power transmission lines, traffic control and emergency rescue.

China’s production and export is bound to grow even further. China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology expects the value of the drone market to grow to 60 billion yuan (€7.6 billion) by 2020 based on an annual growth rate of 40 percent. The market value is expected to hit 180 billion yuan (€23 billion) by 2025.

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