EVCARD - Shanghai’s electric rental car share program

A new electric-car rental program in Shanghai is aimed to give local consumers a taste of new energy driving. Shanghai International Automobile City has just opened the 50th outlet of its EVCARD program, China’s first electric-car sharing platform.

If you are part of the EVCARD program, you can check the availability of electric cars nearby, book one and pay for it via smart-phone. The system is very user-friendly, as the rental period can be as short as half an hour. The price per half hour is, at a price of 15 yuan (€2.11). Each additional minute will cost you 0.5 yuan, with a total daily maximum of 180 yuan (€25).

When you have found a vacant EVCARD electric car, you can open it by the swipe of a smartcard. Recharging a car is easy. Just park the car at any dedicated parking spot and connect it to a loading post. The EVCARD car-sharing concept, aimed at easing traffic congestion and parking nightmares, looks very much like the pioneering Paris Autolib program. There are 350 SAIC’s Roewe E50s electric cars in the program.

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Image by EVCARD

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