How China’s luxury malls attract shoppers

In China, 300 new malls open each year. The retail heavens develop new innovative ideas to woo the new middle and upper-class shoppers, like on-site stylist concierges.

On, retail expert Adam Cook shared new trends that will shape the future of Asian luxury mall shopping. One trend is to offer wealthy shoppers “cook-a-long” dinner parties in which they cook with a celebrity chef in a state-of-the-art kitchen.

Many luxury malls are beginning to offer services such as on-site stylist concierges. Customers can relax in the salon with a drink while designer clothes are presented to them by the concierge.  Some high-end retail centres are exploring the addition of private airstrips, including immigration and customs desks to accommodate international luxury shoppers.

New technology is being developed that will digitally create a custom shopping experience. Adam Cook: “Wealthy customers will receive a platinum key fob that, upon entering the mall, will activate user-selected environmental effects, including customized music playlists, signature scents, and mood-adjusted lighting. As customers approach storefronts, the device will alert the retailers’ personal shoppers so that they can ready fitting rooms and pour champagne.”

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