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How to handle mobile marketing in China Chinese consumers do more shopping on their smartphones than consumers in any other country in the world. So if you are using mobile technology to get into the wallet of the Chinese consumer, you better get it right. A report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) offers the five rules for mobile marketing in China.

According to the survey – title ‘Mobile Advertising in China’ – Chinese consumers are highly responsive to mobile advertising if it’s done in the right way at the right time. The five key rules – listed by Jing Daily – to do that are:

- Choose the right format. The report finds that videos and mobile coupons are far more effective than banner ads or text as an advertising format.
- Target the right audience. 77 per cent said that relevant content was an ‘important attribute’ to mobile advertising.
- Respect consumers’ privacy. Chinese smartphone users also care about their privacy, so the type of data used to target them is important.
- Engage at the right time. Chinese consumers are far more likely to respond to mobile ads on their way to work and over the weekend.
- Don’t bombard users. The report finds targeted ads should be limited to between five and seven messages a week to avoid annoying Chinese consumers.

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