Huawei will push Apple to 3rd spot

Due to strong domestic and international sales growth, Huawei Technologies is expected to beat Apple in 2019. Not Apple, but Huawei will then be the world’s No. 2 smartphone vendor by sales next year, after Samsung.

Huawei’s booming domestic sales and rapidly-growing overseas income will make the Chinese smartphone brand stand ahead of Apple next year, says Yu Chengdong, Huawei’s president of consumer business.

According to a report by Shanghai Daily, Huawei expects sales of 200 million phones in 2018; last year Huawei’s global sales hit 153 million units. Huawei’s market share was 23 percent in China by 2017, and is set to rise to 30 percent this year. The brand’s overseas revenues have soared in European countries such as Spain, Italy and Poland.

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