Learning Chinese more popular

Learning Chinese more popular

A growing number of countries is launching Chinese language courses. Learning to understand, speak and write Chinese is becoming more popular due to the increasing economic and cultural connections between China and the world.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) plans to open Chinese language courses in 200 public primary and secondary schools. According to China’s Confucius Institute, that closed the deal, the UAE’s Ministry of Education will provide Chinese teachers that decide to move to the country a competitive salary – about $4,500 monthly that is exempt from tax.

People’s Daily reports that Russia included Mandarin as an elective foreign language in the country’s college entrance exam. Following English, German, French, and Spanish, Mandarin has become the fifth elective test item for the exam

In Spain, more than 40,000 people learning Chinese, and last year some 8,000 have taken the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) exam. In the US, Chinese is now a popular choice for American children, especially those who are born in elite families.

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