Lego to open 80 new stores in 2020

Danish toy maker Lego is continuing its expansion in China. In 2019, Lego opened 73 new stores in 16 cities and its first certified store in China. The enterprise will open 80 new stores this year.

About 42 percent of the official Lego stores are located in emerging first-tier cities. About 12 percent are in second-and third-tier cites. By the end of 2020, Lego expects to operate 220 stores in China, a pace that shows the toy retailer's ambition to penetrate further into the country's second-and third-tier cities.

Lego has launched new products to get closer to young Chinese consumers. After the successful launch of Dragon Boat Race, Dragon Dance and Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner toy sets, created to mark Chinese festivities, Lego has unveiled Lion Dance and Chinese New Year Temple Fair products. According to a report by China Daily, the sets also come complete with eight figures including lion dancers and a man in a rat costume.

China Daily reports that the priority for Lego in China is to enhance its brand presence and make it more accessible to Chinese families.

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