New short video app is latest social media hit in China

The latest social media hit of China is called Douyin. The short video app (also known as Tik Tok) has become a phenomenal video platform in China within two years of release.

In this short period of time, the number of domestic daily active users exceeded 250 million. More than 500 million people are using the app at least once a month. People’s Daily reports that Douyin recorded a total of 260 million visits in 2018.

The app offers millions of short videos on different topics. Multiple cities, including Xi’an, Chongqing and Nanjing have signed cooperation deals with Douyin for promotional content to aid tourism. According to the report, well-known and lesser-known counties in the country managed to up their tourist arrivals by placing video content on Douyin.

Douyin is also said to aid the revival of traditional Chinese cultural activities such as Chinese painting and calligraphy among China’s young people.

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