Rule 1 for business with Chinese consumer: mobile payment

If you want to do business with Chinese consumers, inside the country or abroad, be aware that mobile payment is crucial. Whether it is at home or on holiday: the Chinese expect that they can pay via WeChat Pay, Alipay or similar services. 

JingDaily reports that Chinese tourists prefer to shop abroad using mobile payment platforms like Alipay and WeChat Pay, and both services have seen their acceptance expand significantly around the world. Recent reports by Alipay, WeChat Pay and U.S. mobile payment partner Citcon underline that mobile pay options are a must for businesses that want to grow sales among Chinese travelers. 

JingDaily has spotted three trends in China’s mobile payment arena. First, it is not just sophisticated buyers in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai that pay via mobile. Residents in third- and fourth-tier cities are now fully ‘on par’ with mobile payment. The same goes for older consumers, that spend significant amounts of money on holidays abroad – and expect Alipay, WeChat Pay or similar payment options wherever they go. And finally: Western businesses are increasingly adopting the platformsFrance was now among the top 10 foreign countries with the greatest WeChat Pay spending volume. 

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