Selling football clubs and other assets to Chinese investors

Buying a Spanish pioneer football club of LA LIGA for €30 million is one of the many exciting opportunities Guanxi Global can bring to Chinese investors. There is a club for sale in England, with a new stadium for just under €4 million. Fancy a stake in the new Santander-Bilbao railway line, or perhaps your interests are in real estate? How about a four-star 200-room hotel in Barcelona or how about London?

China’s investors have a keen eye for investments that will make money for them in the West. UK-based Guanxi Global is in the business of connecting these investors to asset sellers – leading to a successful deal. The firm’s experts support wealthy Chinese with the acquisition and sale of European and US assets. The firm also provides a UK residency VISA application service for high net worth Chinese investors wising to relocate to the UK.

Expanding wealth to the West

“The cornerstone of our business is our ability to bridge Western interests with those of the East”, says Isabella Hall, Director of UK Operations at Guanxi Global UK Ltd. “We cater to the needs of high net worth individuals and corporations who wish to invest in the Western hemisphere. We offer our services to both entrepreneurs and investors from the private sector as well as the institutional sector and assist our customers to achieve their goals and conclude successful business deals and partnerships. We are also endowed of solid governmental relationships, enabling us to introduce a wealth of quality investment opportunities for our Chinese investors, dealing at the highest levels. Our areas of expertise are: sports, commercial and residential real estate and technology.”  
When asked: “What, in your opinion, is the most popular investment with the Chinese?”  Hall answers without hesitation: “Football Clubs.” She explains: “The Chinese are very fascinated by this sport, which they understand to be the most popular sport worldwide. The Chinese president Xi Jinping himself, is a football enthusiast and encourages the development of football in China. Certainly in the last couple of years we have seen an influx of Chinese investors investing into football clubs in Europe and even America, the likes of Manchester City, Atlético Madrid, and ADO Den Haag just to name a few.”  

Bring in the right management

What is the key to a successful football club? Hall replies: “Management. You see football clubs are about the game, the passion for the game, its supporters, its players, its coaches and so on; but it is also a business, a huge multi-million Dollar business and the key to a successful club both on the field and as a financially viable business is to have the right management in place on the field and behind the scenes. We have the possibility of offering the management to secure its success from both angles. Our management team are professionals in the business who have a proven track record for bringing clubs from lower a division right up to 1st division and into the Champion’s League qualifications within a timeframe of five years.”

The Guanxi Global approach

In practical terms, Guanxi Global is about assisting people and businesses to grow, by providing them with the support and services they require to achieve their goals. We build long-term relationships with our customers and get to know them well, in order to enable us to identify their interests and introduce them to the relevant partners and/or present them with the most suitable investment opportunities accordingly. To assist our clients all the way through the process and to secure a successful outcome in all of their dealings, Guanxi Global is supported by network of highly qualified professionals, including legal, financial and administrative.

Knowledge and understanding

It takes a great deal of knowledge and understanding of both the Western and the Chinese way of conducting business, to conclude a successful deal between these two very different cultures.  In Isabella Hall’s opinion, this explains Guanxi Global’s success.
“When both parties have clearly understood each other and find a common ground that is suitable for both sides, the trust is there and the deal can then be made successfully.  In short, it is well worth contracting the services of professionals who understand you, your business and equally understand the other party to ensure that there are no communication barriers which would impede any good investment opportunity from completing, successfully. That is probably the smartest investment to make from the start.”

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