Shanghai buses run on hydrogen

Shanghai has high hopes for a great future for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The first milestone was the start of the operation of the first six hydrogen fuel cell buses in the city’s Jiading District. 

Shanghai is aiming high for these zero-emission vehicles; it has set strict goals for fuel cell vehicles. By 2020, the city wants 5 to 10 hydrogen stations up and running. It also aims to have two demonstration sites operational. By that year, Shanghai wants 3,000 fuel cell vehicles running in the city; the numbers should increase to 50 hydrogen stations and 30,000 fuel cell vehicles in 2025. 

The new yellow and white hydrogen buses in the streets of Jiading have been developed by local car makers SAIC Motor and Sunwin. The vehicles have a range of 560 kilometers and emit nothing but water. According to Shanghai Daily, “conventional electric buses have a range of 200 kilometers and require six hours for charging. It only takes a few minutes to refill with hydrogen.” 

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