Shanghai, the world’s next fashion capital?

Shanghai may soon be joining the ranks of Paris, Milan, London, New York, and Tokyo as global fashion city. China’s fashion capital has a lot of potential in design, production, branding and sale of fashion, as well as culture management, education and consumption.

In the 1990s Shanghai started to rise as a global finance center, a transportation hub and a design and high-tech innovation center. Shanghai Daily analyses the city’s current influence in the world fashion business, stating that the Shanghai government recently launched policies to encourage creativity and support the local fashion industry.

According to the report, Shanghai’s fashion industry has a solid foundation. It is home to China’s famous fashion brands such as Icicle and Shanghai Vive; these brands are now also making their way to the top in overseas fashion cities.

It is interesting to see that Shanghai brings new skills and products to the table, by incorporating high technology into fashion, for example with fiber technology, wearable technology, big data applications to predict fashion trends and information technology for fashion business operations.

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