WeChat quietly enters the work floor in China

China’s top social media platform WeChat is quietly expanding its realm into business environments. It is becoming China’s top corporate tool for communication, planning and cooperation.

Forbes magazine reports that Tencent – WeChat’s mother company - had added a range of business-oriented features onto the app over the years, “effectively making WeChat the go-to corporate communication tool blurring the lines between work and life.”

Many office workers use the app now to apply for leave, file for reimbursement and track project progress through WeChat’s enterprise accounts.  A supermarket chain added functions where employees can report inventories. The Beijing Institute of Technology allows its students and professors to check performance and pay school fees through its account.

Many Chinese office workers are sharing files through WeChat instead of using e-mail. Group conferences are also conducted on the app as opposed to Skype. According to experts, there is still a market for business applications. Larger companies that prioritize security and better internal management are willing to pay for those products and ignore the free WeChat option.

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