Whistle-blowers in Shanghai food issues get rewards

2/28/2018 12:42:29 PM

Blowing the whistle on illegal or dangerous activities by companies requires some courage, as the outcome of ones action is sometimes unknown. The Shanghai Food and Drug Administration is hoping to encourage whistle-blowing by offering rewards.

According to the Shanghai Daily, the whistle-blower in the recent Farine bakery flour scandal will receive a substantial reward, possibly even totaling 5 percent of what is involved in the case. It is not the first time tipping off food safety issues is rewarded. In 2017, the organisation paid €34,810 to people offering information about food safety issues.

In the Farine scandal one of the bakery’s staff posted info on social media that the bakery was using expired and even moldy flour. Four bakeries run by Farine in Shanghai were closed as a result. The authorities are punishing businesses that fail to strictly check food materials, have poor hygiene conditions, fail to thoroughly clean and disinfect dishware, or whose staff have expired health certificates or no certificates at all.

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