White-collar salaries: Beijing and Shanghai pay best

White-collar jobs with the highest salaries are found in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Recruitment portal Zhaopin.com found that the best-paid jobs in China’s mainland are to be found in Beijing, with a monthly average of 8894 yuan (€1233).

Shanghai Daily reports that the Zhaopin report shows that listed and foreign-invested companies were the most generous employers this quarter, while government-backed organizations and private companies paid the lowest salaries.

Beijing is where the best-paid jobs are, followed by Shanghai at 8,601 yuan and Shenzhen at 7,622 yuan. The best paying industries and sectors are treasury, legal and human resources with an average monthly salary of 14,024 yuan, ahead of 11,244 yuan in salary for positions in intermediary services.

The national trend is that all white-collar salaries are going up. In all of China, the average monthly salary for white-collar workers rose 5 percent from the second quarter to 6,700 yuan. The professional services sector pays the highest salaries, followed by funds, securities and investment companies and intermediary services.

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