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Africa is the new ‘continent of opportunities’. If you have succeeded in finding an opportunity and turning it into a business, you may have a great story for Club Africa. Tell us your story! 

At Club Africa we would love to know about your experiences, and our followers are keen to learn. So let us know what you have achieved and where you are heading. Share your story with us!

There is a solid business reason to share your experiences and insights. Club Africa is the digital meeting place for business in Africa – the place to find the missing piece that helps put your future plans together. Expertise, funding, partners, someone with inside knowledge in a region, an industry. Just the person you were looking for. This person may read your story and contact you via Club Africa.

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Club Africa is the global online business community of frequent travellers focused on doing business in or with Africa. We provide our members a unique platform with business information, local expertise, insights & inspiration and travel opportunities that can make your business take off. Here at Club Africa you can read about other businesses, and learn from fellow Club Africa members. Be part of Club Africa, and boost your business!