Hotel breakfast trends: healthy and ‘quality over quantity’

10/26/2017 11:13:22 AM

For decades, business travellers expected nothing less than a grand breakfast buffets featuring an extensive assortment of bread, pastries, eggs and hot and cold dishes. Guests expect a great breakfast, preferably free of charge.

Today, hotel breakfast menus mirror how people’s diets have changed: guests want health food items, like gluten-free pancakes and donuts. Because of this trend breakfast meats that are most popular often include turkey and soy items in addition to pork bacon and sausage.

According to a report by Hotel News Now, a major trend in breakfast is ‘quality over quantity’: it is what you get to eat that counts, not how much you can stash on your plate. The trend includes the desire for ‘clean-label food’: food with mostly natural ingredients, without chemical additives and minimal or no processing. Ethnic food items are also trending, as well as high-quality and flavorful food.

Also, guests want to create their own breakfast combinations. They want to be able to individualize their breakfasts, with options of their own, without someone preparing a ‘one taste fits all breakfast’ for them.

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