Digital Bloomberg Hub opens at London City Airport

6/16/2014 4:09:00 PM

Some business travellers hate to lose track of the latest financial news, or the media ticker of the international stock exchanges. London City Airport has opened the world’s first Bloomberg Hub, offering round the clock business info for waiting passengers.

Digital Bloomberg Hub opens at London City AirportThe interactive environment comprises five main elements: The Media Panel, The Media Ticker, The Lounge, The Media Wall and The Wi-Fi Sponsorship.

The Media Panel consists of six 4K ultra-high definition 55-inch digital screens that carry business news messages. The 130m-long scrolling Media Ticker is constantly updated and includes news headlines and financial updates. The Bloomberg hub also offers The Lounge (seating capacity 180) and the Media Wall, which features 12 55-inch ultra-high definition screens. The Apps Bar in the lounge features six tablets pre-loaded with the Bloomberg portfolio of apps; charging stations for electronic devices; free Wi-Fi. And, obviously 24/7 Bloomberg television.

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