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Driverless taxis in Singapore

8/9/2017 1:41:46 PM

On your next business trip to Singapore, you may end up in a taxi that has no driver. nuTonomy, the vehicle start-up making autonomous cars, has launched the world’s first self-driving taxis in Singapore.

The driverless taxis in Singapore have been tested for over a year, in a limited 2.5 square-mile business and residential district for pickups and drop offs limited to specific locations.

According to reports on Mashable and Associated Press, the new service has drawn great interest. People who want a ride in this new self-driving taxi may need to wait a few weeks. For now, select members of the public will be able to order a trip through the smartphone app of nuTonomy. Riders first need an invitation from nuTonomy to use the service.

The service is limited, for the time being, to six cars. They are fitted with a detection system that uses lasers to operate like radar — including one that constantly spins on the roof. There are also two cameras on the dashboard to scan for obstacles and detect changes in traffic lights. Doing the testing period, a ride in this taxi is free. Later, riders will have to start paying for the service, and more pick-up and drop-off points will be added.


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