Open for business: Pullman Huizhou Kaisa

11/21/2019 7:52:13 AM

Open for business: Pullman Huizhou Kaisa

The Accor hotel group continues its expansion in China, at high pace and in less-known areas of the country. Accor’s Pullman brand has just opened its 38th hotel in China: Pullman Huizhou Kaisa.

The new hotel is situated in the Central Business District of Huizhou, a city that is centrally located in the Pearl River Delta. Huizhou is not far from Shenzhen, Dongguan and Hong Kong. The green city has been developing rapidly in the past ten years with a focus from its abundant natural tourism resources, high-tech and electronic information activities.

The new Pullman Huizhou Kaisa is part of Kaisa Huizhou Building, the tallest building in the city and a major landmark. The complex includes Kaisa Plaza, a large commercial complex with commercial offices, residential apartments and a retail shopping mall. The hotel offers access to Huizhou’s transportation hub.

Pullman developed the hotel to cater for the on-going growth of the Greater Bay Area as a first-class high tech zone as well as a top ten green city. The hotel offers 307 well-appointed guestrooms. TravelDailyMedia reports that “Pullman’s art initiative Art at Play is manifested through the hotel’s details and can be seen on key cards, ceramic mugs and gift bags that animate the brand’s contemporary design philosophy, breathing it to life in every nook and cranny of the hotel.”

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