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Young business travellers want ‘communal living’

8/7/2017 4:43:36 PM

Young business travellers are looking for more in a hotel than just a bed and healthy and tasty choices in the breakfast buffet. They want ‘communal living’ with living-room-like lobbies, shared leisure and kitchen spaces and activities that they can join, such as cooking classes and a jogging club.

Travel trends research firm Skift investigated the needs of the young – millennial – business traveller. Based on its findings, the Economist reports that “the more that millennials travel for work, the more that hotels and the like must try to accommodate them.”

One example of the kind of communal experience that millennials are looking for is offered by the Citizen M chain, based in Amsterdam. The hotels of this chain offer small rooms but ‘living-room-like lobbies’. Another example is Moxy hotels, which promise a shared ‘buzzing living room that is always on’.

The 27-room Libertine Lindenberg in Frankfurt includes shared leisure and kitchen spaces—including a group cooking session with a chef on Thursday nights—and a jogging club.
more than a bed, a conference-room buffet and the first flight out of town.

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