What do business travellers really want? Five trends in 2019

5/3/2019 2:54:41 PM

A comfortable bed, fast WiFi connections, a lobby location to meet other passengers – what do business travellers really want in 2019? Looking at the Top 5 hospitality trends in 2019, compiled by BusinessDestinations, business travellers want a bit of everything.

Trend #1: Recognition and socialising - Millennials and Generation Z want social experiences, a trend that has given rise to a new breed of urban boutique hotels offering social spaces and activities – sometimes at the expense of individual room size, as evidenced by the success of micro-hotels.

Trend #2: New technology - Thanks to new technology, hospitality businesses can provide guests with greater customisation, convenience and control. Facial recognition technology is opening doors (sometimes literally) to timesaving services, while smart hotel rooms equipped with Internet of Things connectivity allow guests to customise their experience with an app or their voice.

Trend #3: Brand management and guest experience - Hotels need to bring their identity into the future to stay relevant. They need to reflect the increasingly diverse identity of their clients through multicultural awareness and sensitivity. Retaining a human touch throughout interactions with guests will be essential for luxury brands to nurture the personal relationships that build loyalty.

Trend #4: Sustainability - Hotels need to keep up with conscientious Millennials and Generation Z travellers in that expect global hospitality businesses to take a more comprehensive approach to corporate social responsibility.

Trend #5: Food and beverage - Business travellers have a growing interest in locally sourced, seasonal food and vegetable-centric cuisine.

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