Your company's chance to fly CO2 neutral

12/31/2018 11:03:00 AM

With its CO2ZERO compensation service, BlueBiz now offers its members worldwide the opportunity to fly CO2 neutral. By neutralising your flight's carbon footprint, you contribute to a reforestation project: an initiative in Panama named CO2OL. 

Make a difference and participate

To compensate your company's carbon footprint, just fill in the participation form. We will then calculate the level of your company's CO2 emissions on flights with AIR FRANCE, KLM and Delta Air Lines over the past twelve months and send you a quotation. The actual level of CO2 emissions for each flight is calculated based on the type of aircraft used, the distance flown and the historical load factor of that specific flight.

Reforestation project in Panama

The CO2ZERO service is now permanently available to BlueBiz members worldwide. As a company this is your chance to compensate your flight-related CO2 emissions. By contributing your company will help to invest in planting new trees, maintaining existing forests and supporting the local communities in Panama. If you wish to participate, you agree to compensate CO2 emissions on all flights made with AIR FRANCE, KLM and Delta Air Lines over the past twelve months. 

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