Terms and Conditions ‘More or Less’ campaign

Terms and Conditions
‘More or Less’ campaign

Information about the promotion and general rules:

  • These Terms and Conditions ("the Conditions") are applicable to the promotion: 'More or Less' ("the bluebiz promotion")".
  • Offered to selected members of the bluebiz program who received the e-mail directly from bluebiz.
  • Organized by bluebiz, the AIR FRANCE and KLM program reserved for companies whose employees travel on Air France, KLM, and participating airlines the corporate loyalty program of Air France and KLM.
  • The promotion is only available for bluebiz members who accepted the terms and conditions.
  • The member will receive:
  • Double credits on flights booked in Business Class
  • Credits back on upgrades on Intercontinental flights paid with blue credits. Upgrades for non-intercontinental flights are excluded from this promotion.
  • The bluebiz promotion is valid for flights eligible in the bluebiz program, of which the tickets have been issued between 14st of June and 31st of August 2022 and of which the flights are flown before 15th of September 2022.
For the Credit Back promotion:
  • The number of blue credits that member will receive back depends on the booking class of the upgrade and the country of the member. An overview can be found here.
  • Upgrades paid with cash, Flying Blue miles or any other means of payment are excluded from this promotion.
  • The member needs to have enough blue credits in its account to pay for the upgrade.
  • The fare of the upgrade is the difference between the already paid fare for the original ticket and the new fare for the upgrade.
  • Only after the tickets has been issued with the upgrade, the member can request for a credit back, using the form which is part of the email campaign. This form can also be requested at the bluebiz service desk.
  • If the request for credit back is in accordance with these terms and conditions, the member will receive the credit back within 5 working days after the application form has been send.
  • If a ticket on which the credit back has been applied, is sent in for refund, the blue credits given as part of the promotion, will be taken from the account of the member.


  • Dutch law applies on these terms and conditions
  • The terms and conditions of the bluebiz program also apply on this promotional offer.
  • Bluebiz reserves the right to exclude registrations that appear to be fraudulent.
  • Bluebiz is not responsible for network, hardware or software problems or electrical failures of any kind that result in the delay or loss of the Participant's Registration Form or other information.
  • Bluebiz reserves the right to make changes in the terms and conditions, definitions and other information, or to end the promotional offer at any time without advance warning.