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How can I earn blue credits?

Your company earns blue credits on every used ticket. For optimal savings, always include your bluebiz number in every booking. This number is included in all e-mails we send you and it is stated on your membership card.

There different ways to add your bluebiz number:

  1. Include your bluebiz number in the reservation.
    You can enter your bluebiz number during the booking process, you will see an entry field in which you can fill in your company's bluebiz number.

  2. You can also add your company's bluebiz number after the reservation has been completed.
    Please go to 'My reservations' on the Air France website, or to 'My trip' on the KLM website. Then log in and fill in the bluebiz number in the bluebiz entry field. Your bluebiz number is now added to the booking.

  3. Ask your travel agent to include your bluebiz number in your company profile.
    This way you will automatically earn blue credits on every booking made by your travel agency. To inform them about the process to add your bluebiz number to the booking, please click here.