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Which flight-related services can we book on Air France flights?

If you would like to book flight-related services with blue credits on Air France flights, you can choose from the following services:

If you would like to exceed your baggage allowance, you can purchase a Baggage Option with blue credits for extra checked-in baggage.

Select your seat
Do your travellers prefer a window or an aisle seat? If you would like to select a specific seat, choose from a larger seat selection, or make sure you can sit next to your travel companions, we recommend that you book your seat in advance.

Want to enjoy a taste of fine cuisine during your flight? On long-haul flights in Premium Economy and Economy Class, we offer you the possibility of buying an ‘A la Carte’ meal with blue credits.

Air France Lounge  
Treat yourself to a Lounge Option!
Take time out to work, relax or enjoy a meal and other services* before your departure in the comfort of one of our Air France lounges. The online paid lounge access feature is only available with blue credits when it is offered during your reservation. The system monitors the availability, if lounge access is not an option; it is not available and cannot be paid with blue credits.

* Subject to availability

If you would like to know more about adding flight-related services to your booking, please click here.

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