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Can I also use my new personal login if I want to book a ticket on or

Yes this is possible.
Important to take into account in the booking process:
  • Go to your account on and login. As bluebiz is switching to a new log-in system you will be asked to create a new account. Find more information about the new bluebiz account here.
  • If you have already created your new bluebiz account you can directly log in. 
  • On your account overview, you can go to the Book a flight and pay with your blue credits section to book a flight using blue credits on or
  • On the homepage click on Continue next to where you select your city of departure and arrival. 
  • Don't forget to select your bluebiz account at Your corporate contract:
  • In the Passengers step, your name is automatically prefilled as the traveller. If you are booking a ticket for yourself with blue credits, you can proceed by clicking on Confirm. Click on your name and choose I'm booking for someone else if you are making a reservation for a colleague. Add the details of your colleague and click on Confirm.
Please keep in mind that blue credits will not show as a form of payment if:
  • If you have used a personal account that is not linked to your bluebiz membership. 
  • The balance of the bluebiz account is insufficient.
  • Non-bluebiz flight-related services were added to the booking.
  • Minors are included in the booking.
In our Frequently asked questions section you will find more information on:
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