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How do I create a commercial invoice?

On the commercial invoice, Customs can read exactly what it is you are shipping and the value of the goods. Always use a minimal value of 1 euro, even if the goods have no commercial value. On the invoice you need to give a description of the goods in English, the quantity and value per product. If you create your own invoice, please note that you must also provide the full address and contact details of the receiver and sender. If you have a VAT number and want to use it, be sure to add this to the invoice.

Our system also provides a pre-made commercial invoice for each shipment. Go to ‘Show all shipments’. Select your shipment and click on the blue ‘Invoice’ button to the right. A new window will open. Complete the invoice and save it on your computer. Print out three copies of the invoice and attach these to the outside of your shipment. Make sure that Customs can easily find the documentation.

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