Air France-KLM purchases 1.6 million tons of SAF

Air France-KLM has closed two major deals with SAF providers Neste and DG Fuels. The airline group buys a total volume of 1.6 million tons of SAF, to be supplied between 2023 and 2036.

The deals allow Air France-KLM to make its first step to incorporate 10% SAF into its fuels by 2030. The deliveries by Neste and DG Fuels will cover approximately 3 of those 10%. Incorporating 1.6 million tons of SAF will avoid 4.7 million tons emissions of CO2 on full lifecycle basis compared to fossil fuels.

Air France-KLM has established a strict procurement policy whereby it commits to only purchasing sustainable fuels that do not compete with the production and supply of food for humans or animals. The SAF that Air France-KLM buys is certified under RSB or ISCC+ and has not been produced from palm oil.

In a press release, Air France-KLM states that it is “committed to scaling up the production and use of SAF to achieve greater sustainability in the future. For more SAF, KLM cooperates with various parties to research and stimulate the development of various promising technologies and to stimulate the scaling up of production facilities.”