Boeing aims to raise SAF % in blends for all its aircraft

Boeing is exploring ways to fly 100% SAF on engines of current and older aircraft, instead of ‘only’ 50%. The aircraft manufacturer is looking into what it will take to transition airlines’ current fleet to make better use of blend with higher volumes of SAF.

Livemint reports that SAF is currently approved for use by aviation authorities in all aircraft in blends of 50% with jet fuel. “Imagine that if there is something required for the older aircraft to accept a 100% SAF, it will have the same process where you are getting an upgrade to the airplane or fuel system if required," Ryan Faucett, director, environmental strategy, Boeing Co., said in an interview.

The idea Boeing is working on is to convert an aircraft’s ability to run on 100% SAF, via a component fix. If such a solution is approved by regulators all airlines can upgrade their fleet either during maintenance or send the aircraft to an authorized repair facility of Boeing.