Business Travel Association calls for acceleration of SAF development

Among the many stakeholders of the airline industry, the voice of the public – passengers and their employers – is getting louder. The Business Travel Association (BTA) calls for governments and industry-wide collaboration to accelerate SAF developments and ensure the worldwide delivery of green aviation.

The BTA has released a report (title: Sustainable Aviation Fuel: A Journey Towards Innovation) that finds that the industry is reliant on SAF as a key facilitator of decarbonisation, but notes that all players in the supply chain must do more to innovate and deliver SAF at scale to reach net zero by 2050.

One measure that BTA calls for, Hospitalitynet reports, is to subsidise the cost of SAF. BTA is also suggesting that government-mandated booking platforms need to educate travellers on their sustainable activity at the point of sale. As well as detailing the benefits and drawbacks of sustainable aviation fuels, the report explores other options including hydrogen and electric propulsion.