Delta invests in electric air taxi Joby

Delta Air Lines is investing $60 million in a startup that plans to build and operate electric air taxi’s. With Joby Aviation’s electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, or eVTOL, passengers can make short trips to and from airports faster and easier.  

By Delta Air Lines

The central idea of the cooperation between Sky Team partner Delta Air Lines and Joby is that passengers can take a Joby vehicle from someplace close to their home or their business right into the airport experience. ‘Grabbing a Joby’ may cut out 50%, if not more, of their travel time on the ground.

Joby and Delta intend to offer the eVTOL service to and from airports in New York City and Los Angeles. The service may be extended to other airports around the country and eventually overseas. According to a report by CNBC, Delta will also have an exclusive five-year partnership with Joby operating eVTOLs as part of the Delta network.

When the eVTOL air service will commence, is hard to predict. Joby commit to a launch date.