Delta: SAF and more in Sustainable Flight Challenge

On flights from LA to Atlanta and from Atlanta to Paris, Delta Air Lines has showed its ability to adopt more and new sustainable practices. The carrier took part in the SkyTeam Alliance Sustainable Flight Challenge, showcasing some interesting steps to lower the carbon footprint of aviation.

The initiatives to operate the flights as sustainable as possible included the utilization of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). In the aircraft handling process, electric-powered support equipment was used. Delta aims towards 100% fleet electrification by 2025, with its operations in Salt Lake City (SLC) and Boston Logan (BOS) already achieving this. Also, the airline limited the amount of potable water loaded into the aircraft, ultimately decreasing weight, fuel requirements, and overall emissions.

The onboard initiatives of the carrier on flights to Atlanta and Paris included testing a reusable cup system alongside the paper cup. On average, Delta throws out over 7 million pounds of plastic cups onboard every year. Further initiatives included separating trash onboard from recyclable to general waste. The carrier is also working towards recyclable pulp products for ear wrappers and flight fuel boxes, wherever possible.

Delta's sustainability practices involves 'everything the airline does' and eliminating the company's climate impact incurred by flying. SimpleFlying reports that, “with these latest test flights a success, it showcases the variety of practices that can be considered to demonstrate the achievability of flying with a reduced carbon footprint.”