EU approves plan to boost demand and supply of SAF

The EU has approved a proposal aimed at decarbonizing the aviation sector and promoting sustainable air transport. The proposal aims to increase both demand for and supply of sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs), while ensuring a level playing field across the EU air transport market. The proposal will help solve current problems such as low supply and prices that are still much higher than fossil fuels.

TravelTomorrow reports that the proposal requires fuel suppliers to blend SAF with kerosene in increasing amounts from 2025. This measure alone could reduce aircraft CO2 emissions by two-thirds by 2050 compared to a ‘no action’ scenario.

The new rules mandate aviation fuel suppliers to supply a minimum share of SAF at EU airports, starting at 2% of overall fuel supplied by 2025, rising to 6% by 2030 and reaching 70% by 2050. The blending mandate covers biofuels, recycled carbon fuels, and synthetic aviation fuels, supporting sustainability objectives.

Also, aircraft departing from EU airports will only be allowed to refuel with the fuel necessary for the flight, to avoid emissions related to extra weight or carbon leakage caused by ‘tankering’ practices (deliberately carrying excess fuel to avoid refuelling with SAF).

Airports need to contribute as well, TravelTomorrow reports: they must ensure that their fueling infrastructure is available and fit for SAF distribution.