Indonesian delegation catches up on sustainable aviation in The Netherlands

An Indonesian delegation of government, academic and business representatives visited the Netherlands to join a five-day program focusing on smart and sustainable aviation. The main goal of the five-day visit was to catch up on the latest developments and insights in the development of sustainable aviation.

The program was initiated by the Netherlands Embassy and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), supported by the Indonesian Ministry of Transport and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management.

The goal of the event was to generate collaboration leads between businesses, knowledge institutions, and government organizations, in line with the Joint Statement on Smart and Sustainable Transportation signed by both countries.

The delegation visited several interesting Dutch stakeholders, such as the Netherlands Aerospace Center (NLR) focused on the national aerospace ecosystem, technology development, and R&D. A visit to LVNL (the Dutch air navigation service provider) was organized on the last day, centered on realizing more sustainable aviation through more efficient air traffic management.