Clearly better for business travel

Clearly better
business travel


Bluebiz sets the standard in corporate loyalty, taking business travel one step further. It's easy to earn blue credits and even more exciting to spend them on free tickets!

Why choose bluebiz?

Blue credits are like cash

It's easy to calculate how many blue credits you earn per ticket. One blue credit equals 1 US$.

Completely free

Exchange blue credits for the full ticket price including taxes and surcharges, without spending any cash.

At your service

Our dedicated service desk team is ready to help you with all your questions.

Compensate your CO2

Use blue credits to offset your company's carbon footprint for flights over the last 12 months.


It's easy to join. And it's free!

Enrol today

Explore the world

With bluebiz, the world is at your feet. More partners mean more destinations, and more opportunities for your company to expand its business. Choose from multiple destinations in our global network.

Tips for optimal use

  • Send us the tickets you have used or booked before becoming a bluebiz member. Those count as well!
  • Discuss the special conditions we have for businesses with your travel agent, for example about the issuing of tickets.
  • Earn miles and blue credits on the same ticket
Tips for optimal use
How can we join?

How can we join?

Like to know more? Our local sales team would love to explain all about the programme.

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