1 million digital jobs in Kenya

Kenya is successful with a program that aims to offer 1 million young people digital skills to secure employment. The program is a partnership of the government and Ajira digital, a portal that targets unemployed Kenyans who are willing to work online.

Kenya has a high unemployment rate - 17 percent of Kenyan youth is without jobs – as well as an internet penetration rate at 85.3 percent. The initiative of Ajira digital has already proven successful, as 400 000 Kenyans have been employed. ITnewsAfrica reports that many youth have earned money with “transcription services and software development departments on sites such as Amazon’s MTURK and the Kenyan-owned KuHustle platform.”

Young digital workers get taxed only a minimum of 5 percent form their salaries. Project mentors travel from village to village to train and motivate the young people. Over a hundred officials from 47 countries have been recruited to help facilitate this program, that also provides free Wifi for the training programs and for online registration.

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