How it works

it works

One of the prime benefits of bluebiz is that blue credits are like cash and deliver instant savings on your company's travel budget.

Find out how easy it is to earn and spend your blue credits.



Earn blue credits on every flight you make on Air France, KLM, Virgin Atlantic and other airline partners*

  • Include your bluebiz number in every booking or ask your travel agent to save it in your profile  
  • Every blue credit you earn equals 1 US$
  • Find out how many blue credits you earn with our incentive formula
  • Always include your bluebiz number in every booking. There are different ways to do this.

    1. Ask your travel agency to include your bluebiz number in your company profile in their reservation system.
    This ensures that your bluebiz number is always included.

    2. Booking online with Air France or KLM
    You can enter your bluebiz number during the booking process, you will see an entry field in which you can fill in your company’s bluebiz number.

    3. Booking via an Air France or KLM call centre.

    Please ask the service agent to include your bluebiz number.

    4. For Air France and/or KLM flights, after the reservation has been completed.
    Please go to ‘My bookings’ on the Air France website, or to ‘My trip’ on the KLM website, log in and click on the appropriate passenger's name and fill in the bluebiz number in the loyalty program entry field. Your bluebiz number is now added to the booking.

    5. Retro-claim your blue credits.
    You can retro-claim blue credits up to six months after the completed flight using this form.

    How can we start earning blue credits?
  • The number of blue credits your company earns per flown ticket can be calculated using a formula. Find out more about the formula here.

    It's easy to calculate how many blue credits you earn for each flight. One blue credit equals the value of 1 US$.

    How many blue credits will our company earn per flight?
  • Yes, your travellers can personally earn Miles and blue credits for your company on the same ticket.

    Can our travellers earn blue credits and Flying Blue or Flying Club Miles on the same ticket?

Exchange your blue credits for tickets, upgrades and flight-related services, such as a more comfortable seat or extra baggage.

  • Book online a free ticket to any destination on our network
  • Pay for the full ticket price, including taxes and surcharges. It's completely free with no hidden charges
  • Use blue credits to offset your company's carbon footprint for flights over the last 12 months



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Why choose bluebiz?

Bluebiz account

Keep track in your flight activity and balance via your online account.

Monthly updates

We love to keep you informed about your savings. Every month you will receive an update of your company's balance.

Instant savings

Blue credits are like cash and create instant savings to your travel budget.

Great ways to spend

Exchange your blue credits for free tickets, flight-related services or offset your company's carbon footprint.

Explore the world

With bluebiz, the world is at your feet. More partners mean more destinations, and more opportunities for your company to expand its business. Choose from multiple destinations in our global network.

How can we join?

How can we join?

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