76 percent of Africans have no access to ICT

3/13/2018 9:15:49 AM

Although a growing number of middle-class ‘haves’ in Africa is digitally included, the vast majority of people on the continent are digitally unconnected. It is estimated that 76 percent of Africans do not have any access to information communication technology (ICT) tools.

It was Li Peng, the President of the Chinese Huawei Technologies in South Africa, who brought up the disappointing numbers. He revealed the stats at the ICT Africa Forum of the AfricaCom conference in Cape Town, South Africa. Peng spoke about the huge divide that provides an opportunity for both the public and private sectors to invest.

According to the Huawei leader, governments need to do more to create access for the largely rural dwellers that have been disenfranchised in the digital transformation sweeping across the world. BizTechAfrica reports that some speakers point to education, gender, income, age and other factors as main stumbling blocks to access to ICT on the continent.

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