Cocoa: Europe dominates the market, Africa produces

African countries produce and export over two-thirds of global cocoa, the raw material for chocolate. Côte d’Ivoire alone accounts for third of all cocoa produced in the world, but Europe is the largest producer and exporter of chocolate in the world.

Europe dominates the finished-chocolate goods market, but African countries are collectively the beating heart of that success, a recently published white paper on cocoa and chocolate concludes. In the white paper, Agribusiness data company Gro Intelligence says that Europe has a firm grip on the sector. “European companies’ innovations transformed the cocoa trade into the chocolate industry”, the paper says.

Africa’s attempts to break into the export market has not been very successful. In fact, other areas in the world are becoming competitors. Indonesia grows its own cocoa and builds an industry that intends to cater for the fast-growing middle class of China, as Quartz reports.

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