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The government of Ivory Coast is trying to deal with cyber crime that is on the rise in this West African country. A government task force is actively trying to connect to young ‘would-be’ criminals to convince them to make an honest living on the web.

The country has also introduced tough cybercrime laws and over a hundred criminals already received stiff sentences of up to 20 years in jail.

Many cyber criminals use the so-called ‘love method’ to release their victims of large sums of money. Many victims in Europe (a large part of them in France) have already fallen into the trap that cyber criminals set up. It starts with online chats and an exchange of photos, the request for money comes next. The money is needed to finance a trip France and to cover old debts. The cyber criminal promises to pay it all back soon, as he has inherited large sums of money from his parents.

The government of Ivory Coast has set up a task force to tackle the cyber criminals. In a BBC report, the government-appointed ‘Web Mayor’ Emmanuel Assouan explains the policy to meet with the local youth to inform them about legitimate ways to make money with online business.

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