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The Good Taste project, Nairobi; final detailsKasper and Frederik are not far from starting their Good Taste restaurant and chef school in Nairobi where they´ll train kids from the slums of Nairobi to become the future ‘chefs of Kenya’. They´ve found a location, signed a partner deal with Aberdare Safari Hotels and approached the Copenhagen Hospitality College for didactic support. All they need now is the necessary funding from the Danish embassy in Nairobi.

For now though, the only thing the Danish friends can do is await the green light from the embassy to start their school, but Kasper is not about to rush the embassy. He says: “I know they´re extremely busy in February and they know that we’re seriously committed to the Good Taste chef school, so there´s no use in calling them all the time. In the meantime Kasper and Frederik are filling in all the details as they for instance recently signed a letter of intent to rent a great old ten-room villa in the outskirts of Nairobi.

Copenhagen Hospitality College

Kasper Agger and Frederik Specht are very excited about their partnership deal with the Copenhagen Hospitality College. Kasper says “This is one of the best chef schools in the world. Together with them we will design the educational module for our school and we´ve also agreed that one of their teachers will visit us from time to time in Nairobi to help develop the educational part of the venture and simultaneously guarantee a quality stamp for the Good Taste project.”

Ready to go

Kasper and Frederik have both already made the necessary arrangements and are ready to leave Copenhagen for Kenya, to leap into the unknown. “Well, not completely unknown,” they say. ”Our plans for the first year are pretty clear as we know what we want and what we can do, but we will still need to deal with many small details, such as figuring out where to buy our supplies and how to interact with our young Kenyan students. The first important step though is to get the necessary permits and certifications from the Kenyan Ministry of Education, and then of course there is also the renovation of the villa. So there´s lots to do, but in the mean time, to everyone at Flying Blue Club Africa: please keep your fingers crossed!”

Good Taste is now looking for private companies and organisations, who would be interested in forming a strategic CSR cooperation once the Chef School is up and running. General  support  from investors, partners and sponsors, such as donations in both equipment and in funds are also very welcome. Would you like to support Good Taste? Find out more about this project or contact them using the contact form.

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