African agri-tech industry is growing

There is a lot of technological innovation going on in Africa’s agriculture. The number of start-ups in the continent’s agri-tech industry has grown 110 per cent in two years. Across Africa, 82 agri-tech start-ups are in operation, with 52 per cent of these ventures launched in the past two years.

In the same period, over $19 million was invested into agri-tech start-ups the sector, according to the ‘Agrinnovating for Africa: Exploring the African Agri-Tech Start-up Ecosystem Report 2018’, released by Disrupt Africa. According to the organisation, a boom in activity occurred since 2016, with 43 new ventures launched across Africa.

Kenya is no longer the only country where agri-tech firms start and grow. Today, Kenya and Nigeria tie in first place as the top two agri-tech markets on the continent; while Ghana places third. Together, these three countries account for over 60 per cent of agri-tech start-ups active in Africa.

BizTechAfrica reports that many of the start-ups are involved applying e-commerce to the agriculture industry. Information and knowledge sharing platforms are also popular; while a substantial number of entrepreneurs are focused on delivering fintech solutions to farmers. 

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