Beauty industry focuses on black skin and hair

Beauty industry focuses on black skin and hair

Times are changing in the cosmetics business. Beauty brand multinationals are increasingly focusing on research on black skin and hair, preparing to launch dedicated products for the developing African beauty market. 

For many years, the world’s big cosmetics brands have on focused their research on caucasian skin with only slight modifications to products for potential customers with darker skin. That is changing fast, as African beauty brands or African diaspora niche brands are growing. Also, big manufacturers such as L’Oreal and Unilever are turning their attention to Africa’s beauty and personal care market, that is estimated at $11 billion in 2017.

Quartz reports that acquisitions of brands serving black people in and outside of the continent is part of the growth strategy for global players. The other key pillar is research and innovation. This month, L’Oréal awarded three leading African scientists its African Hair & Skin Research grant award.

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